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  1. Dawn Johnson
    Dawn Johnson at |

    Well written article; well done to have taken this test! Eagerly awaiting your results. Congratulations on taking this momentous step!

  2. Ray Heffer
    Ray Heffer at |

    Good job. How much time each day did you dedicate to your study? With a new job and being a busy dad, I think I will spend many more months yet before I think of scheduling my exam!


  3. corporation offshore
    corporation offshore at |

    These blueprints are amazing and are the best way I feel in making sure you know and have the required knowledge and skills to pass the VCP4 exam. While catching up on my VMware Communities Roundtable podcasts I was listening to the podcast from a few weeks back about the VCAP exams and was very pleased to hear that live labs are going to be a large part of the exams to stem the tide of people using braindump materials.


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