VCA-DT Objective 1.3 – Monitor provisioning operations


  1. Understand status terminology under Desktop view
  2. Identify pool status


Understand status terminology under Desktop view

Table 10-5 in the View Administration Guide has a list of the various states of virtual machine desktops. From within the Desktop view is a column labeled “Status” that reports back the virtual machine state. This includes states like Provisioned, Available, and Connected.

In terms of provisioning, a desktop usually goes through a set order of states: Provisioning, Customizing (SysPrep or QuickPrep), and then Available (powered on or assigned to a user) or Provisioned (powered off but can be used).

Identify pool status

Much like in objective 1.1.

In the Inventory section of the menu, select the Pools object. From there you will find a list of all of the pools. Each pool entry will list some key information:

  1. Entitled: The pool has users that are entitled to use it. Without entitlement, a pool will not function properly as no one can reach the pool.
  2. Enabled: This indicates that the pool is active and ready for immediate use.
  3. Sessions: A count of all remote and local sessions that are actively using desktops from this pool.
It is worthy to note that there seems to be no way to tell if provisioning is disabled for a pool without selecting it and choosing the “Status” button. If disabled, it will offer the option to enable provisioning. However, if a pool is fully disabled that will show up in the main pool view.