Quiet Before the Storm: HP DISCOVER in Vienna

Today I leave for Vienna, Austria, to attend the HP DISCOVER event, which takes place on Nov 29th – Dec 1st. I’m definitely the rookie to this rodeo, having only attended the HP Cloud Tech Day down in Houston a few weeks past, whereas some of these folks have been avid follower of HP events for quite some time. I’ve used HP from a server capacity, as evident from some of my posts complaining about the nx_nic issue, and am familiar with the BladeSystem, Matrix (MOE), CloudSystem, and Cloud Maps concepts (of which I wrote about here), but this is the main event. Fortunately, everyone I’ve met that works for both HP and Ivy Worldwide have been amazing resources and always willing to help with explanations and documentation, so I’m in good hands. Plus, the HP industry blogger community is filled with some really cool people.

I’m highly excited to be traveling to DISCOVER; the agenda is jam packed with a ton of great looking sessions on Cloud and Converged Infrastructure (CI), and I have access to some key personnel who should be able to give very detailed and fluff-free information on HP products and offerings. I’m most interested in products and services relating to virtualization (surprise!), especially the moves made on the 3PAR front to continue to build out the P10000 line. (I suppose I’ll start calling it the P10K?)

The HP 10000 3PAR Storage System is one of the products I'm geeked out about

As a matter of full disclosure, the event is paid for entirely by HP and I have not signed any agreements to write anything, which I think speaks well to HP as it is “on them” to provide an experience worth writing good buzz about.

So, for the next week you should see a decent amount of tweets and posts related to the event. I typically don’t write in a “breaking news” sort of way, but instead like to let information soak a bit and then talk about my thoughts on the product or service. Hopefully you’ll find some value in that. If you have any specific questions for HP, please let me know and I will ask.

Until then, have a great weekend. :)

My epic voyage!