First Impressions: VCP5-DT Beta Exam

VMware recently announced availability of the VCP5-DT (View 5) beta exam, with invitations being mailed to those with a VCP5, until December 20th. I have yet to take a beta exam from VMware, so decided to take them up on their offer and saddle up for a pretty intense session of beta exam questions to (hopefully) assist with the final product. View 5 is a relatively new product, only being announced a few months ago at VMworld 2011 Las Vegas, so there aren’t that many online resources dedicated to the advancement of View knowledge when compared to something like the TrainSignal videos for VCP5 or even the soul crushing VCAP4-DCA exam. 🙂

Update (2/24/2012): I received word via E-mail from VMware that I passed the beta exam and am now a VCP5-DT.

Overall, my impression of the VCP5-DT exam is favorable. The exam asked questions that were relevant in understanding the new features of View 5, without the annoyance I find in Cisco exams (for example) where they supply 4 answers that are all nearly identical except for a comma or hyphen somewhere. The exam consisted entirely of multiple choice answers, with there being anywhere from 1 to 3 right answers, along with some questions having a screenshot of an environment to refer to. I was able to go back and forth between questions.

None of the questions were focused on the underlying vSphere infrastructure, and since the VCP5-DT requires a VCP5, this makes sense – you’ve already passed that level of competency. I know a few people who talked to me were worried about that.

While the beta exam blueprint link was provided in the email invitation, it is not publicly available yet; I will share that as with nearly any VMware exam, this blueprint has a troubleshooting section. As you might expect, there are questions on troubleshooting View issues – I’ll comment that these seemed reasonably real world, although I have not run into many of them yet as it depends on what the customer requires out of their implementation beyond the basics (such as ThinApp, Local Mode / Transfer servers, Security Servers, AD GPOs, User Personas, Thin Clients, PCoIP, Smart Cards, RSA, etc.). It may be difficult to simulate many of the troubleshooting issues depending on your lab environment and implementation experiences.

Here is a link for a list of the new features in View 5 along with documentation on View 5 if you are looking to study for the exam.

Final Thoughts

Here is an unrelated funny cat picture for your Viewing pleasure … Get it, get it!? See what I did there?