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  1. Hani
    Hani at |

    Just FYI:
    Does not work on WMware Player 5 (equates WMware Workstation 9). There are no SCSI Controller in the Hardware list, just “Harddisk (SCSI)”.

  2. Todd
    Todd at |

    Thanks! Worked good for me except for one adjustment I had to make. WIth VMware version 5.5, you don’t get the option for SCSI(1:0) until you have used up all 15 SCSI(0:x) options. So, I had to add 15 Hard Disks before the new SCSI Controller showed up. Then I deleted all but one of the Hard Disks before applying the change.

  3. eb
    eb at |

    Just wanted to say thanks. I went from LSI Logic Parallel to LSI Logic SAS following these steps (W2K12) and they worked great. Cheers

  4. Victor Vizante
    Victor Vizante at |

    Thank you.

  5. Nicolas GARCIA
    Nicolas GARCIA at |

    Thanks !!! Use to migrate from 2008 R2 to 2012 R2


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