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    […] Wahl posted an article on managing user assignments in VMware View dedicated pools. Watch out for Mr. Fancy Pants, […]

  2. Paul.
    Paul. at |

    Good Post, in particular the powershell script piece. VMware seemt to be great at auto assigning desktops in a dedicated pool but no easy way to clean up afterwards.

    Query though, we are frequently getting “Unassigned User connected” which seems to be a contradiction as they are entitled to the pool and had previously been assigned the desktop. Normally they would appear as ‘Connected’ and nothing has changed in AD or entitlements?

    1. Joshua Chase
      Joshua Chase at |

      This will happen when an administrator is logged onto the VM via the console…

  3. Paul.
    Paul. at |

    PS The Admin is not logged on in the console – its the assigned User thats conncted?

  4. Joshua Chase
    Joshua Chase at |

    To remotely use the View PowerCLI you will need to enable remote scripting in Powershell and then use the following commands to get access to it:

    Enter-PSSession [connection_server]
    Add-PSSnapin vmware.view.broker

    This will execute subsequent commands on the connection server.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Arvind
    Arvind at |

    Hello, Great Post. Just what I was looking for.

    Can we expand this Powercli Query for multiple users showing multiple desktops assigned.- Meaning – I supply a list of users and the query should return the names of desktops that they are assigned.

    ForEach ($vm in (Get-DesktopVM)) {If ($vm.user_displayname -match “WahlNetwork”) {Write-Host $vm.Name}}

    My requirement is – Ideally,I would like to identify the users having multiple desktops and then ask the users if they are still using them. if they are not,then I would like to purge these desktops.

    Is there a way that you can help with this ? And also,is there a way to better this ?


  6. TM
    TM at |

    Hi Chris, Useful Post,

    I have another question, In your Post you show us how to remove user(Un-assign user) from dedicated VM.
    Is there a way to change the VM assigned to user.
    I have 2 VM (vm-FSM1 & vm-FSM2)
    vm-FSM1 is assigned to user 1
    vm-FSM2 is not assigned to any one.
    Here I want to change the VM assigned to user1 from vm-FSM1 to vm-FSM2.

    Is this possible without deleting the vm-FSM1 ?

  7. Naeem Mehmood
    Naeem Mehmood at |

    Do you know how to un-assign all the assignments based on pools? I have situation where I want to dedicate a machine for a user for 24 hours and after that, I want to un-assign and refresh the pool for next day. Please help if it doable on Horizon 7.4.


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