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  1. michael
    michael at |

    having random problems where some VM’s DNS registration are deleted (normal behavior for a NIC being removed from a server) and not repopulated after upgrade completion. anyone else see an oddity like this? we’re using vmxnet3 NICs.

  2. michael
    michael at |

    Bizarrely enough, the actual DNS record from our AD servers gets randomly deleted during the tools upgrade.

    We noticed the problem when upgrading to 4.1 update 1 originally.
    After upgrading the tools manually and rebooting, we would notice that random VM’s are not pingable by DNS name. We have to run an ‘/ipconfig registerdns’ to fix as even a reboot doesn’t always work to bring it back. All the IP/Mask/GW content is saved, just something with the process of upgrading the vmxnet3 NIC driver fails to register the server back in DNS.

    We opened a support ticket with VMware who watched us reproduce the issue but they couldn’t perform it again in-house so we moved on. I was hoping it was a weird ‘4.1 update 1’ fluke but now happening again in update 2.

  3. michael
    michael at |

    Unfortunately, it’s a bit more more common than your ratio for us and affecting our production network.
    Even worse, it happened to the vCenter server itself and we didn’t realize it until DNS replicated everywhere and nothing could resolve it.

    Will certainly post again if we determine what’s causing it.

  4. Mark Hodges
    Mark Hodges at |

    I have also had this happen when I got fancy and tried out the powershell script for about 150 vm’s
    I would say at least 30 machines lost their dns registration when running the script.
    In the end, it wasn’t worth the hassle as I had to go export all the vm’s to a text file, setup a script to ping each vm and identify the ones with lost dns…
    It was then easier to just reboot the hosts then login and manually register the dns again.

  5. Nicolas Couture
    Nicolas Couture at |

    I got the same problem, actually on ESXi 4.1 U3.
    Updating VMware Tools on 37 VMs and 3 of them lost DNS entries in DNS server.. The problem has happened only on 2008 R2 servers (with and without SP1). Not on 2003 servers.

    I’ve seen that KB that can possibly explain a part of it, but maybe not.. :

    Judge by yourself… Trying to look for all the possibilities..


    1. Matt
      Matt at |

      We are seeing the same thing with many 2008/2008R2 servers. KB2520155 did not resolve the issue in our testing, but exactly describes the issue.

      The workaround I have found is if you disconnect the NIC in vCenter before installing VMware tools it wont be dropped, that or running ipconfig /registerdns after it is dropped.

      Would really like to find a proper fix for this issue though if anyone out there has any information…

  6. Christian
    Christian at |

    I tried using your magic CLI business:

    /s /v/qn ADDLOCAL=ALL REBOOT=ReallySuppress

    But all of my Windows VMs are 64bit. Do I need to prefix those commands with setup64.exe, or is it smart enough to use the right version? I’m confused because I see both setup32.exe and setup64.exe running in Taskmgr. I’m running vCenter/ESXi 5.1.


  7. Dave Norman
    Dave Norman at |

    I too have the problem where DNS A records disappear on 50% of the 2008R2 Servers that I update with this option:
    /s /v/qn ADDLOCAL=ALL REBOOT=ReallySuppress
    It never happened on any 2003 server.
    I’d really like to know how to avoid this.

  8. Abdul Mohsin
    Abdul Mohsin at |

    Hi Guys,
    I have tried this command, VM does not restart, but one important thing to consider is VM gets disconnected from the network.
    So from guest OS point of view uptime is ok.
    But from network point of view we have a downtime.
    Hence be careful before upgrading vmware tools,
    Thank You,


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