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  1. BrianK
    BrianK at |

    I know you like to take every opportunity possible to use PowerCLI (your scripts are very useful!), but this particular task can be done very quickly using RVTools. http://www.robware.net/ I love this tool. Provides tons of info that you should be able to naively gather from the vCenter GUI, but alas you cannot.

  2. Luke
    Luke at |

    I agree with this statement 100%: Not that I think it’s great that we need PowerCLI in this instance. Really, this should be an available vCenter alert! But, I always like good excuses to script.

    I wrote one similar to fill the void vCenter has here: http://thephuck.com/virtualization/function-to-list-all-vms-with-snapshots/


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