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  1. Sam Aaron
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    I’ve had a previous environment that had a 3 node sql database cluster. The node was set up as an active node in the cluster for different environments, with a different node set as its’ passive. For example, A -> C, C -> B, B -> A. During patch weekends, we would fail over the databases on one node to another — for example, all databases on A would go to C etc.
    The problem we ran into was that when the node that housed the VC database was failed from A to C, the vcenter would loose connection to the DB and die. We would not be able to restart vcenter until all vcenter services were restarted.
    My question here is; if vcenter supports a clustered SQL DB, then why does it flake out when the DB cluster has to fail over? Is there a workaround for this? (I checked with VMware and while they know this breaks, they have no intentions of fixing — at least not in 4.1, who knows if this still exists in 5.0.)

    Dell PE R710
    vCenter 4.1
    Windows 2008 R2/SQL 2008

  2. eshanks
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    Microsoft SQL Server HA Mirroring might be worth a look, or the new SQL 2012 “Always On” might be useful depending on your setup.



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