VMware Certified Associate – Where Did That Go?

When the VMware Certified Associate – Desktop came out, I was particularly excited to see that VMware was embracing a set of certifications that did not have a course requirement to them. This seemed like a great way for someone to get their toe in the water, so to speak. Not that I feel the course requirement for the Professional (VCP) certification is wrong, but it can be quite difficult to find someone to pony up three grand to attend.

At 35 credits to attend, getting a VCP is quite expensive

So, whatever happened to this level of certification? Originally, it started as a requirement to take the Professional level Desktop exam, but that was later dropped. Additionally, the VCA level exams never expanded outside of the VMware View 4 product, and with the View 5 product Professional exam already released, it doesn’t seem like there’s any sparkle of energy to keep the Associate level certifications alive.


I’m rather disappointed that the trend to introduce Associate level certifications for VMware products did not take off. It seemed like a great way to get people interested in VMware certification while also showing employers that they had the drive and passion to excel. I’m curious if the certification program is just understaffed and overworked? Compared to other certification programs (Microsoft, Cisco) that I have participated in, VMware seems very sluggish to get things taken care of.

For example – I took a Cisco exam in the morning and my transcript is updated with the results by early afternoon. The certificate is at my door in less than a week. With VMware, it typically takes months of waiting for the same thing to occur (At the time of this writing I am still waiting on an exam I took back in December to show up on my transcript).


I hope that as the “Version 5” product exams are released, some new ones for Associate level certification are also created. In particular, I’d like to see one to cover general vSphere product details in addition to the Desktop one.

What are your thoughts on this?