Protecting the vCenter Database with SQL Log Shipping [Video]

As much as I enjoy writing, I also have a bit of a video itch that needs to be scratched. Moving forward, my goal is to produce a video on a monthly basis (or more, if time permits) that covers a technical process.

The Wahl Network’s first video, “VMware View Linked Clone Desktops – Disk Redirection Explained“, was simply put up on YouTube as a stand alone video using a personal account.

Moving forward, I’ve created a Wahl Network YouTube Channel for hosting all of my video content. As a kickoff for this new channel I have posted a new video entitled “Protecting the vCenter Database with SQL Log Shipping” that is based on the related post. The video was produced and audio commentary was provided by Jen Wahl, who does a much better job than I ever could. 🙂