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  1. Jason Langer
    Jason Langer at |

    Nice work Chris! Any chance to get the study guide myself and Josh Coen are working on added to your list? URLs are http://www.virtuallanger.com/vcap-dca-5/ and http://www.valcolabs.com/vcap5-dca/.


  2. Mike Sheehy
    Mike Sheehy at |

    This is great! Thanks.

  3. Gregg Robertson
    Gregg Robertson at |

    Great work Chris!! Thanks for the add =0)

  4. Ethan Rowe
    Ethan Rowe at |

    Really like this checklist!
    Do you mind adding our guide to your list too? http://thefoglite.com/vcap-dca5-objective/

  5. Ethan Rowe
    Ethan Rowe at |

    Thanks Chris! We added you to our blogroll.

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    […] interest for this particular box floating around the Interwebs when it relates to both home lab and VCAP-DCA studies. In the video review below, I cover some of the talking points on using the N40L in both […]

  7. paulgrevink
    paulgrevink at |

    Hello Chris, Thank you so much for the Study Sheet and other good posts. There are excellent Study Guides available, which I gratefully use in my preparation. To prepare for my first VCAP-DCA exam, I collect my thoughts here: http://paulgrevink.wordpress.com/the-vcap5-dca-diaries/

    Regards, Paul

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    […] of reference when I start studying for my VCAP5-DCA. VCAP5-DCA Study Checklist – @chriswahl  http://wahlnetwork.com/2012/07/02/the-vcap5-dca-study-sheet/   vExperienced – @egrigson  http://www.vexperienced.co.uk/vcap5-dca/ […]

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    […] & 1.3SlidesVideoShow NotesSo, @chriswahl has put together an AMAZING study guide… get it here.More #vBrownBag GoodnessiTunes: http://t.co/07DGNQsTFeedburner: http://t.co/2Fic71ZWTagged as: […]

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    […] great study guides in listed on the last slide of the deck. Check these out, watch the vBrownBags, work through this great VCAP-DCA Blueprint Study sheet, and you should do […]

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    […] can view my post here with the DCA Study Sheet, which also contains links to a lot of great DCA Study Guides. It’s a […]

  12. Vmware certification. « virtualizations

    […] first of the series is the VCAP study sheet from the WAHL Network.  The link has a few other links to interesting data sheets and information. […]

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  14. My VCAP5-DCA study plan
    My VCAP5-DCA study plan at |

    […] on the blueprint, you can keep track of the areas that you have studied/practiced in GUI or CLI. The VCAP5-DCA Study Sheet | Wahl Network IT guy since 12/00 2/29/12 – passed VCP5 Next: maybe VCAP-DCA, maybe NetApp… depends on the […]

  15. VCAP5-DCA Exam Experience « vPrimer

    […] Chris Wahl (@chriswahl) put together an awesome DCA study sheet that you can check off each objective as you complete. This and the blueprint are a great way to start your studies: http://wahlnetwork.com/2012/07/02/the-vcap5-dca-study-sheet/ […]

  16. My VCAP5-DCA Experience « TheITHollow

    […] I used a variety of study guides when preparing for this test.  Chris Wahl has an excellent checklist to use to organize your thoughts and determine your weak areas.  http://wahlnetwork.com/2012/07/02/the-vcap5-dca-study-sheet/ […]

  17. VCAP-DCA Experience | vSchu

    […] Chris Wahl’s STUDY SHEET. This is a great way to organize your study time. With a wife, two kids, and college courses, I had […]

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    […] The VCAP5-DCA Study Sheet […]

  19. Travis Patenaude
    Travis Patenaude at |

    Thank you for the study sheet. I was going to create one but luckily I came across yours which was perfect. I took the test 3/182013, now I have to wait and wonder if I did enough to pass.

    Thanks again.

  20. VCAP-DCA Blueprint Study Sheet via @ChrisWahl | Wahl Network

    […] Update: This post is for the older VCAP4-DCA study sheet. If you want the latest one updated for vSphere 5, click here for the VCAP5-DCA study sheet! […]

  21. VCAP5-DCA Workshop | Demitasse
  22. http://mikemeikle.com/?p=102

    It’s truly a great and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you just shared this useful info with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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  24. VCAP5-DCA Preparation - Popping Clouds

    […] Wahl’s study sheet – found here – is just awesome. It is an editable PDF that allows you to go through each topic in the […]

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  26. VCAP5-DCA Exam Experience - Popping Clouds

    […] when I was a few days out from the exam, I used Chris Wahl’s study sheet to go through the blueprint item-by-item and tick off everything that I had completed and was […]

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    […] Chris Whal’s VCAP5-DCA study checklist […]

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    […] Chris Wahl posted a VCAP-CIA study sheet, which follows the layout of his very popular VCAP5-DCA study sheet. I think this is a great tool for augmenting any study […]

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    […] Chris Wahl’s The VCAP-DCA 5 Study Sheet. I used this study sheet to keep track where I am during my study. […]

  31. VCAP5-DCA Study Guide
    VCAP5-DCA Study Guide at |

    […] Study Sheet by Chris Wahl – Nice document to track your progress […]

  32. Jimmy
    Jimmy at |


    The file is no longer available for download, can you please re-upload it.


  33. VCAP5-DCA Prep | Brian Trainor

    […] keep track of it all, which is part of any organized plan, I’ve been using Chris Wahl’s VCAP5-DCA Study Sheet.  Checking items off once accomplished always feels good so this gives the sense of little […]

  34. VCAP5-DCA – exam experience: not hard at all | V for Virtual

    […] many refer to Chris Wahl’s study guide, I found the guide created by Paul Grevnik to be more useful as it does cover each and every topic […]

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    […] http://wahlnetwork.com/2012/07/02/the-vcap5-dca-study-sheet/ (The study sheet is handy to tracking covered topics) […]

  37. Mr.Non-Descript » Blog Archive » My VCAP5-DCA Experience

    […] my own versions of test questions.  Then I did them in the lab – over and over.  I used Chris Wahl’s PDF to keep track of my progress and hit on everything I realistically could in my little […]

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    […] Chris Wahl Study Sheet – http://wahlnetwork.com/2012/07/02/the-vcap5-dca-study-sheet/ […]

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    […] Chris Wahl’s The VCAP-DCA 5 Study Sheet. I used this study sheet to keep track where I am during my study. […]

  40. djs
    djs at |


    gives forbidden when I try to download it.

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    […] […]

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    VCAP5-DCA links | SOSTech at |
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  44. Anthony Lyons
    Anthony Lyons at |

    Hello Chris,
    Now that the VCAP 5.5 has come out recently, are you planning to update the study guide to match?

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  46. The Community
    The Community at |

    Can you do study sheet for VCAP-DCD? I love these study sheets would love to see design exams study sheets

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    […] or search Autolab out and use their hosted solution. Also download the 5.5 study sheet from The VCAP-DCA 5 Study Sheet – Wahl Network and print it out. Check it off as you watch videos, read, lab, etc. 2016 – Dare I try the […]

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