Removing VM Clutter From The vSphere Client “Host And Clusters” View

This is a quick tip, but one that I find extremely helpful (especially in large environments). The vSphere Client has a bunch of little gold nuggets hidden away to make life easier, from changing perspectives to adding tabs. When in the “Hosts and Clusters” view, the window can be highly cluttered with virtual machines, making it more difficult to lock down on the hosts and / or clusters you’re looking to work with. As shown below, even my little home lab requires scrolling to go between vCenter instances (production and DR).

If you click on the View menu, one of the options is “Show VMs in Inventory” and is enabled by default.

If you disable this option, you will only see the hosts, clusters, and resource pools.

Known Crash Issue

Got a tweet pretty quickly from @joefilippello about a potential crash issue. If you do hide the VMs, don’t search for a VM in Host and Cluster view or it will crash the vSphere Client. I just tried this and confirmed on vSphere Client 5.X

I rarely use the search inventory box, so I never would have known.