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  1. Maish Saidel-Keesing (@maishsk)

    I always leave it on set to both. It makes the Network admins happy – they can see exactly which interface is plugged into which port – and this makes all the more difference when you are running many cables from one server between floors connected into multiple switches. It is easier to recognize and find.

  2. Dan Robinson
    Dan Robinson at |

    Curious if you know WHY LLDP is only available for vDS?
    Seems to me that smaller shops not using vDS would also be more likely to be running Non Cisco gear as well (something cheaper perhaps) that only supported LLDP.

  3. Rickard Nobel
    Rickard Nobel at |

    I really like both CDP and LLDP and think they add great value to binding the physical and virtual network together. Much confusion and misconfiguration comes from the fact the it is very difficult to track which gi0/x connects to what vmnic into ESXi.

    Two posts showing the CLI output on HP switches from with CDP and LLDP:


  4. Chris Conlan
    Chris Conlan at |

    Ha, glad I came across this. Setting up a test VMware box and we have a Brocade switch. Also, forgot you need vCenter to do vDS so I’m downloading that now. Need to play around with vDS before I implement it live to our environment.

  5. Monitoring Tools for Healthy Network Relationships

    […] a standard and distributed switch, LLDP is only available in distributed switches. Check out this Utilizing CDP and LLDP with vSphere Networking article for more […]

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