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  1. Aaron Paxson (@Neelixx)
    Aaron Paxson (@Neelixx) at |

    Nice, Chris. Thanks! I’ve been reading posts on alignment for awhile now. Mostly from @plankers. Heh, leave it to @lynxbat to find a way to program something cool. Has he got the UberAlign working from an XBox interface yet?? ((grin))

    Thanks for the link and the heads up. I’m gonna send this to our VM Engineer here to see if we see the same thing.

  2. 95huskers
    95huskers at |

    I’ve noticed this on several of our systems. We’ve been forced to use dynamic disks if we need a volume to go over 2 TB since the VMDK is limited to 2 TB. I know RDM’s can go over 2 TB, but I really hate using them.

    Also, I’ve stumbled upon some admins in our environment that make their disks dynamic by default. [Face in palm!]

    I searched for a long time to see if there was a way to make a spanned volume that is actually aligned, but I could not figure it out. It doesn’t seem you are able to specifiy your offset once you go dymanic.

    We’ve been looking at NetApp’s Insight Balance product at it has a great report that shows all the unaligned partitions. All of the dynamic disks show up on it.

  3. Jim Millard
    Jim Millard at |

    Interesting that MS says the database is in the last 1MB of the disk, yet the partition table shows it in the first…

  4. ravivenkat
    ravivenkat at |

    Chris, Just wanted to chime into your thoughts section, a while back I did a post on how alignment was causing issues in some of our customer base and how Pure Storage FlashArray was able to eliminate the alignment issue altogether. My blog can be found at – Say Goodbye to VM Alignment Issues (and Poor Performance!) with Pure Storage -> http://www.purestorage.com/blog/say-goodbye-to-vm-alignment-issues-and-poor-performance-with-pure-storage/

    Ravi Venkat (@ravivenk), Pure Storage

  5. Christopher
    Christopher at |

    Jim, isn’t it just the listing that lists it first, but the partition numbering says it’s last, as number 3.

  6. 95huskers
    95huskers at |

    This is an interesting article on the topic. It seems that NetApp Balance is reporting on the partition alignment while this MS article says it should be looking at the volume alignment…



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