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  1. VirtuallyMikeB
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    Way to go, Chris. That’s quite an achievement. Virtualization today pretty much requires a solid grasp of principles in so many areas: servers, storage, networking, operating systems, and more – the CCNP is a fine addition to one’s skillset. Obviously, Layer 2 is king in the virtualized data center, but with the requirements of geographically dispersed, virtualized data centers, perhaps those routing skills will come in handy!

    All the best!



  2. Berend
    Berend at |

    Why do you need 9-10 exams for the UCS support specialization? You really only need 1, which is the 642-994. The CCNP is my opinion is a much tougher goal, so congrats on that.

    Good luck with the rest,

  3. jud
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    Just wanted to say hey. Thanks for the shout out, I hope my site was as informative as yours. Keep on knocking down your tests, you’re well on your way.

  4. robert
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    Hi Jud, i am interested in furthering my CCNA and thought i would start with CCNP Switching. After reading your post, i am motivated again. Is it safe to say that your only study material, book wise, was the Cisco CCNP Switch Simplified?


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