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  1. Brian Johnson @thehevy
    Brian Johnson @thehevy at |

    One other note on SR-IOV… It provides a way to represent a single port as multiple PCI virtual functions using a PCI-SIG specification/standard and without having to dedicate / carve up the port in to smaller ports. The VFs can all use the whole 1Gb or 10Gb bandwidth if none of the other VFs are using the port.

  2. Manfred Meier
    Manfred Meier at |

    Great work and fas!. I have added it to my VMwareDirector under VMworld 2012-News and Network VDS. If you like anyting changed led me know. Manfred

  3. Manfred Meier
    Manfred Meier at |

    Sorry for the typos, sometimes writing to fast …

  4. Rickard Nobel
    Rickard Nobel at |

    Good writeup on the new networking features in 5.1. A small note, the BPDU blocking feature is actually available also on the Standard vSwitch and not only on the vDS.


    At least something new for the ordinary vSwitch. 🙂

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  6. Joe Doe
    Joe Doe at |

    Wahl, great job, you should make a little pdf booklet out of this as complete guide for your readers to download.

    Keep up the good work, love your blog, good content and well written.

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