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  1. Mike Driscoll
    Mike Driscoll at |

    We’ve been customers of Nasuni for a couple of years. We were drawn to them due to their attention to the security of our data and the ease of implementation of their product. Their support for multi-site replication has proven beneficial for us as we have personnel working in multiple offices across the country that need to collaborate on the same data. Multi-site replication gives our users access to the shared data at local LAN speeds as opposed to traversing a relatively slow WAN connection.

    We’re looking forward to implementing Nasuni’s latest mobile access feature. It is timely as we just started a corporate roll out of iPhones. I know our users will appreciate the fact that they’ll be able to access data stored on the filer easily without adding the extra step of putting files in some other service, e.g. Dropbox. I’ll be happy that the same security that’s already in place for that data will translate to the mobile app and the data will never be put on someone else’s servers where they control the encryption keys.


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