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  1. Gabi
    Gabi at |

    Excellent, thank you for taking your time to test them out.

    It’s a shame as you say it’s a beat on the weak side, but they are great units, still providing great cash back on them.

    Thank you very much for this,


  2. Fred
    Fred at |

    Hi Chris,

    don’t you have problems with the Memory detection after a reboot? I have the same Sticks installed into my N40L but 5/10 reboots it shows 8GB and the other 5 16GB of memory.


  3. Gabi
    Gabi at |


    There was a guy called Steve that wrote in one of your other posts the following;

    “I also am having issues re the CMX8GX3M1A1333C9 8GB sticks. 50% of the time (and randomly it seems) it is showing as 8gb in the BIOS while at other startups its showing as 16gb.”


  4. Mike Stanley
    Mike Stanley at |

    Very cool timing on this post, as I’m looking at hardware for setting up my home lab. Been relying on Fusion and/or spare boxes at work for long enough – I want the real deal at the house.

    I’m worried about the CPUs in these N40L’s being puny, but I’m willing to give one a shot at this price. Worst case scenario I just turn it into a NAS, right?

  5. Andrey
    Andrey at |

    Thanks for the blog post Chris, as always, much appreciated.

    Question for you, what kind of storage are you running those 6 VM’s on?


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  7. Andrey
    Andrey at |

    Chris, I also bought this memory for my N40L and had no issues, rebooted a bunch of times and no detection issues, both DIMMS recognized every time.

  8. Mark Brown
    Mark Brown at |


    I’ve just installed 16gb in my HP n40l also and it works.

    However, it didn’t on the latest Bios. I had to re flash to the version – 2011.04.02 (A) (27 May 2011) in order it to detect 16gb.

    I was using Bios Version 2011.07.29 (A)
    25 Aug 2011 but on post detected only 8gb yet in Server 2012 knew there was 16gb but 8gb was usable.

    It seems that HP have restricted it to 8gb in their latest Bios version.

    What Bios version are you using?



  9. Andrey
    Andrey at |

    Mine is the same version as Chris mentioned, 041.

    1. Hj
      Hj at |

      I came across this post as I am also seeing 8gb and sometimes 16gb after a reboot..my bios is 041..haven’t tried flashing it yet..just thought I’d share my experience

  10. Judy
    Judy at |

    Interesting – I’ve had Nexenta running on an N36L and on an N40L.
    Wouldn’t you need battery backup or UPS for the ZFS intent log though?

    I found throughput with Nexenta, even with several HDDs was disappointing compared with WHS2011, although Nexenta provides greater versatility of HDD usage.

    I felt Nexenta was an Enterprise tool, better for larger drive arrays.

    Will return and see how you get on 🙂

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  14. Jack
    Jack at |

    Hi Chris,

    What kind of software are you using there to monitor your Microserver? (the screenshot)

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  16. mborgen
    mborgen at |

    FWIW If you want 16GB of ECC like I did you can use get these Kingston Modules Kingston 8GB KTH-PL313E/8G

    Becareful some shopping search engines will truncate or provide results with KTH-PL313/xG and those modules are not the modules you are looking for as for ECC it must contain the E.


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  18. Mike Stanley
    Mike Stanley at |

    Thanks again for this post, Chris. NewEgg sent me a promo code for the N54L (which looks to be a bit faster than the N40L) so I picked it up for $239.99 (after $50 mail-in-rebate).

    Looks like memory all around is more expensive now, so I guess I have a choice between paying $142 or so for the non-ECC sticks you link to, or $180 for a pair of Kingston ECC sticks.

    I may go ahead and try the $142 non-ECC RAM from Amazon since they’re typically pretty good with returns in case it doesn’t work.

  19. Rikrok
    Rikrok at |

    Careful anyone using ZFS- using non-ECC RAM could be a recipe for disaster


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