SuperMicro Advanced Features for Home Lab Servers [Video]

While it’s all good and well to talk about the advanced features that I enjoy on my SuperMicro based vSphere home lab servers, it’s quite another to showcase them for your peepers. Things like IPMI and Remote Console can too easily be dismissed as “just” features until you’ve used them. In fact, after using them for myself, I refuse to build with anything less. Call me spoiled.

So, this video will give you some insight into the luxury items that come equipped on the SuperMicro X9SCFM-F board. For those who wish to have complete control over their server without the need for a third party KVM or adapter card, let me suggest this little gem. Is it pricey? A bit, yes. If you’re just starting in the home lab arena, these may be features you look for further down the road and I would suggest the N40L.

Have a suggestion on another board I should look at, or just want to share your experiences with the hardware? Leave a comment below.