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  4. Mark Jones
    Mark Jones at |

    What are most people doing for design on this? LACP on their storage and VM networks, but a non LACP setup on management network?

    Our problem is with our existing dell blades we only have 2 uplinks.

  5. Haakon
    Haakon at |

    Thank you for a great article!

    I have a Nexenta system with 4 nics in them that I am running LACP and LAG on. I have two servers with 3 nics in them each. I was thinking about running my iSCSI traffic in LACP as well but I am unable to get this to work. I have managed to get it to work by using multiple vmkernels and round robin, but not with LACP. Any thoughts about if the new LACP features will work for iSCSI traffic as well?

  6. Saeid
    Saeid at |

    We have gone through the above process to enable the LACP.
    The switches are Nexus7k and we have many other LACP configuraiton on them as well.

    It looks like the dvswitch does not send LACP messages and our siwtch suspend all those ports.

    %LACP-FEX113-5-LACP_SUSPEND_INDIVIDUAL: LACP port Ethernet113/1/18(0x1f700440) of port-channel port-channel230(0x160000e5) not receiving any LACP BPDUs suspending (individu
    al) port

    Any help would be appreciated.


  7. Troy Hrehirchuk (@Tarsoniz)

    Chris once again a fantastic article as per usual. Hats off Sir!

  8. Jeremy
    Jeremy at |

    Great article Chris.
    Just a question concerning dvSwitch and LACP:
    I have 3 esxi with 8 gigabit cards each and a stack of 4 Cisco 3750G.
    I used NFS and iSCSI as storage protocols.
    I plan to use 2 dvSwitch:
    -> 1 with 4 uplinks using LACP for VM traffic, VM management, iSCSI, and vMotion,
    -> 1 with 4 uplinks using iSCSI bindings for iSCSI (of course 🙂 )
    Do you see a “better”/more optimized design ?
    10 gigabits network cards are not an affordable solutions for the moment.
    Best Regards


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