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  1. Doug B
    Doug B at |

    Excellent advice and write-up.

    I always forget to tell potential candidates to “be yourself” — I’m adding that to my list 🙂

    Congratulations, too!

  2. Gregg
    Gregg at |


  3. Aravind S
    Aravind S at |

    Congrats Chris!!

  4. Craig
    Craig at |

    Awesome work Chris, congrats, I often frequent your website, as your blog post are humours yet weirdly informative!

  5. Mike Brown
    Mike Brown at |

    Congrats Chris!

  6. Paul Braren
    Paul Braren at |

    Congratulations, on your passing, and your wonderful article!
    By the way, made the same mistake myself in Barcelona back in 2006.
    I too found it very strange that nobody at the front desk, and no signs in the room, told me about putting a key into a wall slot to activate the lights. I also looked for circuit breakers.
    Must be some sort of fun joke they like to pull on foreigners.

    1. Paul Braren
      Paul Braren at |

      Oops, no way to edit previous comment typo, oh well. I can spell congratulations, honest!

      I should probably add I was in Barcelona for a conference to show off blades and VMware, not nearly as exciting as your VCDX trip.

      I used a spare Euro coin at the very last minute, to wedge under a intermittently-disconnecting FC switch, saving the day. Apparently the old, used, loaner gear didn’t much like the bumps getting off the elevator ride to the Barcelona convention center presentation room.

      The whole experience was quite memorable, 40 mile an hour winds in February, at about 45 degrees F. And the ice cold Mediterranean water, I felt that I had to touch. Also recall that airport, and the long cab rides, and struggling to use my limited Spanish, with a cab driver that had no idea what I was trying to say. Such fun though, really.

      Thanks again for the fun and informative article, a rare and powerful combination indeed.

  7. Angelo
    Angelo at |


    Trying to follow your path Chris, but still have a way to go.

  8. Michael Webster
    Michael Webster at |

    Congratulations Chris. Great story of your journey. Glad you got a lot out of the bootcamp in San Francisco. I was fortunate enough to be one of the VCDX’s in the room and it was excellent to be able to support candidates that went on to be successful. We’re also going to be doing more bootcamps and more mentoring of study groups. It was also good to chat to you briefly in San Fran. Hopefully see you there next year at the VCDX party.

    Surprised the room key slot got you. Mind you with 40 hours without sleep I don’t think I would have found it either. It’s normal for hotels outside the US to have the room key slots to activate the power. Finding them though is often the tricky part, especially when it’s completely dark.

    Good luck to all the other candidates that are going to be defending at the upcoming VCDX defences at PEX and VMworld in 2013.

  9. metal
    metal at |

    Congrats Chris on achieving this feet.Now you are a part of an elite family of VCDX.

    Also it would be helpful if you can throw some light in preparing for VCAP5 DCD so that it will help everyone wanting to achieve this feet in future as this would be the road-map.

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