Storage Field Day 2 Approaches

As a Tech Field Day alumni, I often watch the buzz around upcoming Field Day events to see who will be attending and what sponsors will have sessions. This next event, Storage Field Day 2, looks to have a really stellar set of folks attending along with a Next-Generation Storage Symposium the day prior. Although I will not be attending, I will definitely be watching live as time permits.

I also spot a lot of great companies who were at a Tech Field Day that I attended or have worked with in the past. I’m curious to see what new innovations they have come up with since the last time I saw them present. To name a few: Tintri, Zerto, Nutanix, and Nimbus Data.

Here’s a list of some of my past posts from Tech Field Day 8 and Virtualization Field Day 2 to give you a taste of what is to come:

Tech Field What?

Tech Field Day is the creation of one Stephen Foskett. The idea is to get a bunch of independent thought leaders into a room with some forward thinking vendors and have a conversation. There’s really no filter on the conversation, it’s broadcast live, and the audience is pretty blunt with their questions. It takes the right kind of presentation to be “successful” in this environment and is a blast to both participate in and watch. If you feel you or someone you know has the desire to be a delegate, submit here.

If you’re new to Tech Field Day I would advise sticking a reminder on your calendar to watch in on the live stream.

Storage Symposium

If you are lucky enough to be in the San Jose area, go attend the Symposium and/or “StorageBeers”! I’ve seen these popping up more recently.

Per the Tech Field Day site:

On November 7, 2012 the industry will come together at the Next-Generation Storage Symposium! This all-day in-person event features panelists from key enterprise storage companies and will be moderated by independent experts, including Stephen Foskett, Robin Harris, Chris Evans, Howard Marks, and Scott D. Lowe.

The agenda is jam packed with panels of speakers from a variety of vendors. For more details and to get a free ticket visit the event page.