Answers to vSphere Home Lab Questions on Synology DSM 4.1 [Video]

There’s a general theme to the questions that I receive about my Synology home lab NAS boxes. Mostly, they focus around how I use them for hosting virtual machines on vSphere, especially for those looking to construct a home lab to better prepare themselves for various certifications or practical, hands on experience. In this video, I attempt to further explain some of the answers to common Synology DSM questions as they relate to version 4.1. Additionally, I cover a few of my favorite features in DSM 4.1 and go a bit deeper into the configuration of my DS2411+ with all SSDs.

Looking for details on VCP, VCAP, or VCDX? You can take a look at the various new VMware certifications in my “VMware’s New Gauntlet of Certifications” post.

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