Providing The Buzz at HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt

It’s that time of the year when HP puts on their informative and energetic Discover conference, this time in the EMEA location of Frankfurt, Germany. As an industry blogger invited to sit down and discuss strategy, technology, and new releases, I’m hoping that I can help provide a unique and independent point of view of the event. This is my third time at an HP Discover conference and each one has proven to be a high value in the form of time spent and education received. If you’re headed to Messe Frankfurt for the Dec 4 – 6 conference, please do make sure to say hello – I’m typically huddled in or near the Blogger’s Lounge.

Additionally, I will be providing a number of posts here on the Wahl Network along with commentary of the conference on Twitter (hopefully with plenty of photos of attendees and technology). Here are some highlights that I will focus on covering:

1 – The Big, Mysterious Storage Announcement

HP has been busy building a ton of hype behind a storage announcement. Specifically, they have created a landing page with the following verbiage:

Be a part of the action on December 3rd for the biggest HP Storage announcement ever.

Legacy storage designed 20 years ago cannot adapt to virtual, cloud, and big data demands.

Join us on December 3rd, when HP Converged Storage changes everything.

I’m quite curious as to what this will be exactly! I’ll make sure to break the news while I’m at the press conference with Dave Donatelli, EVP and GM of Enterprise Group and David Scott, SVP and GM of HP Storage.

Additionally, I’ve been informed that you can use this link to register for the Storage announcement “virtual event reminder”, which you can do via the “Mark your calendar today” link on the right-hand side.  Doing so will allow you to be among the first to learn of HP’s Storage announcement.

This is the calendar button that you are looking for

2 – HP ExpertONE (Certifications!)

Some of my favorite contacts with the HP ExpertONE program will be on scene to answer questions on the various exams and certifications that are available from HP. Feel free to tweet or comment with any questions for them that I will make sure to try and pass along. If you’ll recall, I did a challenge of sorts at the last HP Discover in which I started on the path to HP’s ASE certification using the five free vouchers on site. It was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone attending (or planning to attend the next go around).

Yes, I am a recovering certification junkie.

3 – Coffee Talks

I’ll be covering a series of “coffee talks” with various thought leaders at HP, which are informal discussion sessions at the Blogger’s Lounge where we are given free reign to discuss various topics. These are incredibly awesome to be a part of and give me a lot of great content to share with you. I’ll try to take notes on all of the coffee talks and pick out the “good bits” that you will enjoy.