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  1. Bill Hill
    Bill Hill at |

    This is a welcome addition to the ICM/Fast Track course material. However, in and of itself, this would not significantly justify the costs of the course. Like you, I felt like the coursework and the exam for VCP4 and VCP5 were significantly disconnected and the best way to bridge the exam and coursework was practical experience with the products.

    For the lab to have a major value to me, they would need to be configured to help take the coursework to the next level, not just illustrate what was talked about in class.

    I appreciate VMware adding this to the training offerings, though… especially without increasing the cost of the course. While being included in the offering is not super important to me, I am sure there are other people that will find much more value in it. At the end of the day, any tool that can help increase someone’s knowledge in the administration, configuration, usage of the products is going to have value.

  2. Gabi
    Gabi at |

    Thanks for this. I would have not been aware otherwise.

    What happens to those that have taken the 4.1 course, but have not done the exam yet, will we be able to get onto the lab? By the sounds of it, I don’t think so.



  3. Alexandru
    Alexandru at |

    I agree with Bill Hill. Not sure how bout you guys but Install, Configure, Manage course does not cover even 50% of what you have to prepare for VCP510 exam. This opinion is based on my personal experience from the course.

  4. Tony Bourke
    Tony Bourke at |

    Yeah, I agree, my Version 4 Install, Configure, Manage class prepared me for almost nothing in the VCP4 exam. It was incredibly pedantic, too. VCP5 test I think was less “memorize the min/max document” and was more realistic, but I’m guessing ICM5 wasn’t all that helpful in preparation (I took it within the window of not having to take a class if you had VCP4).


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