Configuring Proper vSphere iSCSI Multipathing via Binding VMkernel Ports [Video]

The use of iSCSI comes along with a great deal of flexibility in both design and administration of storage initiators and targets. One major advantage that iSCSI has over the other available vSphere NAS protocol, NFS, is the ability to do VMkernel Binding. In essence, once can construct multiple VMkernel ports and assign them specific port groups with a single available uplink. The use of Binding then allows the iSCSI stack to understand various paths to storage using these bound VMkernel ports.

This video goes over the construction of a standard 2 uplink iSCSI environment using my home lab. While there are a great many variations on the way you could do the build (including using the vSphere Web Client or more uplinks), this should be a good starting point for those new to the experience. Other great posts are also recommended from The FogLite and Josh Odgers.

For those who have watched my videos in the past: I’ve recently acquired a Rode Podcaster microphone, so the sound quality should be MUCH improved moving forward. Sorry for all the previous pops and clicks!

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