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  1. Mike Brown
    Mike Brown at |

    Excellent point, Chris. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t thought of this, but will make it a point to address this in my future UCS deployments.

    All the best,



  2. Eric Shanks
    Eric Shanks at |

    Nice write up Chris. Love that converged infrastructure.

  3. Amy Manley
    Amy Manley at |

    I always pondered this and now I know. Thanks!

  4. Drew Henning
    Drew Henning at |

    Nice write-up. UCS also allows for a great multi-nic vMotion experience. I’ve setup a vnic’s for vMotion on both the A fabric and the B fabric. Then put both the A side and B side on their own vlan/subnet. It is screaming fast.

    Here’s another blogger who detailed the setup – http://www.bussink.ch/?p=262

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