Steer Your 2013 In The Right Direction: Garmin GPS Giveaway

Have you dipped your toe into the waters of your 2013 resolutions yet? Perhaps you have an eyeball on some shiny new certification to boost your skill set, or some flashy new hardware to start (or improve) your home lab? Whatever it may be, assuming it isn’t against any state or federal laws, I wish you well in it!

I understand that your time is valuable, and appreciate that you visit my corner of the Interwebs. Based on the post title, you may have guessed that I’m giving away a Garmin nüvi 1370T 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth GPS Navigator (Amazon). It boasts some pretty neat features. I acquired this little beauty from the good folks at Ivy Worldwide and asked if I could gift it to a reader of this site. They are an extremely awesome team to work with and do an amazing job at organizing HP related events that I often participate in.

Disclosure: While I am not paid to write any content for HP or Ivy Worldwide, they do cover travel related costs.

I realized with the last giveaway that it’s rather a bit of a headache to try and monitor by hand. This giveaway is being run via PunchTab, a free site that does this sort of thing. I have no intention to ever sell your email address or personal information (that’s the ugliest thing on the Internets I could do) but I will obviously need a way to contact the winner. :)

garmin-smallContest Details

Assuming all goes smoothly, here’s how the contest will work.

How To Enter & Duration

  • Use the widget in the section below to enter the contest (I allow the use of Facebook or Email address to track your contest account).
  • I have a large number of methods you can use to enter, and each entry increases your chances to win. Options include firing off a tweet, following my Twitter account, leaving a comment below, and more. I have tried to make it flexible.
  • Your tweet link is custom to your contest account – anyone who uses it to enter the contest will also grant you an additional entry (up to 5 bonus entries).
  • The contest will run from January 22 thru January 31.
  • You must be 18+ years of age to enter. I’ll ship to anywhere in the US on my “blogger budget.” Sorry everyone else, the price to ship electronics is ridiculous!

The Winner

On the Friday, February 1st, I will pick a single winner via PunchTab’s random winner feature. That person will be contacted to confirm that they have won and arrange for a shipping address.

Contest Entry

Good luck!