Engage With Me on Thwack for Fun and Profit

I’d like to invite readers of this site to jump on over to the Thwack community site (of SolarWinds) to participate in a month long series of discussion during my February “tour of duty” as an Ambassador. Each Monday during February, I’ll fire off a discussion point and would really like to get your feedback to help drive the posted thoughts to a further state. In addition to this, you also have the opportunity to score a free iPod Nano courtesy of the Thwack team. And hey – I figured at the very least, everyone loves free stuff, right? 🙂

This is not the first time I’ve written about Thwack, as evident with this older post entitled “Thwack Community Gets It Right“.

I will disclose that this is a paid gig, although I’m free to say what I wish and am not required to post anything on my blog.

bear-drivingThwack Discussion Topics

As an Ambassador to the General Application and Server forum, I’ll be looking to discuss thoughts around that theme. This week’s post is “What Is The Future of Application Delivery?“. You can also head on over to my first post, “Virtual Application Servers (vApps) – A blessing or a curse?” to see the previous conversation and participate.

As the month progresses, keep an eyeball on the main Thwack announcement page or Twitter (@ChrisWahl or @Thwack) to see what the latest posts are. Remember, discussion with myself or any other Ambassador counts as an entry to win the iPod Nano. 😉

I look forward to chatting with everyone.