The Top Blog Results Are In – A Special Thank You Post

I truly enjoy the work that I do on the Wahl Network collection of sites (see the upper right corner for the whole gamut), as I get to step on my own soap box for various technical ponderings that are aimed at improving the virtualization community as a whole. One of my favorite parts of being a blogger is getting feedback that what I write or do has a positive impact via written comments, discussions with folks at events, and social media. Without the knowledge that what I do actually matters, it would be difficult to find the energy to work on this site.

Now that the vSphere-Land’s Top Virtualization Blog results are in, I wanted to take a moment to write up this post to express my thanks to all who have taken the time to provide their support for this site. It means a great deal to me to see the votes come in as they did, and I’m fired up to continue to try and earn a similar, or better, ranking in 2013. Additionally, a big thanks goes out to Eric Siebert for taking the time to run the voting and working behind the scenes to get it all taken care of – I would imagine that it takes a great deal of his personal time.

If you haven’t already checked out the vSphere-Land results, or watched the special vChat episode, Wahl Network ranked:

  • #12 in the Top Virtualization Blog list, formerly #51 in 2012
  • #1 in the Favorite Independent Blogger list

Musings on Independent Blogging

Being an independent blogger is something I hold dear, as it guides my moral and ethical compasses to keep this site up to a specific standard. I figured I’d throw my hat into the ring, as I see some conversation around this. The pure definition of “independent” is as follows:

Not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself.

Every post is made with that in mind. I don’t do paid posts or accept gifts for my posts, nor do I let any vendor or partner in my professional life influence this blog. It was founded in 2010 as my own entity, and continues to operate that way today. I would not be comfortable blogging under any other conditions.

OK – I’m off my soap box now. 🙂

Thanks again to everyone who voted, and I look forward to continuing to write and engage with all of you in the future.