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  1. Lior Kamrat
    Lior Kamrat at |

    Hi Chris,
    I’m using vMotion multi-nic configuration all the time when designing environment and i love it.
    Any specific reason you configured the NIC as unused and not as stand-by?

  2. Lior Kamrat
    Lior Kamrat at |

    It’s important to understand the vMotion is not taking the NIC state under consideration, only the vmk.
    Also, it chooses one of its vmk’s as a default one (although i’m still not sure about the algorithm it uses) for some management stuff. So, configure it as “unused” can mess with its head 🙂

  3. Bob
    Bob at |

    Chris – what are your thoughts on multi-nic vMotoin and Cisco UCS? We’ve normally tried to pin vMotion to one fabric interconnect to keep it from having to traverse the northound network. If we use multinic vMotion, seems like we might have that happening randomly. See some folks who said they setup VLANs just in UCS, one for fabric A and one for fabric B to work around this, but they say it isn’t supported by VMware.



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