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  2. Kenneth Hui
    Kenneth Hui at |


    Great job as always. Appreciate your perspective on this particular issue.

    One comment I would make is this… That vCloud, OpenStack, CloudStack, etc. are all viable Cloud solutions. But they all require customization, either by the customer or the vendor. It is not the case that ANY of these solutions work out of the box; they ALL require some “blood, sweat, and tears” to build.

  3. Keith Townsend
    Keith Townsend at |

    I more or less agree. I’ve looked at a wide range of solutions for Cloud management and found vCloud to be the easiest to explain to customers that have VMware environments. However, that doesn’t mean the best. The best is based on the requirement of the specific business case. Kenneth is correct that they all require some level of customization to meet any set of requirements.

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