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  1. Leo Edwardsson
    Leo Edwardsson at |

    From where I sit as a datacenter rack wrangler, the “global dedup” idea is immediately, utterly compelling. A 2U box that can replace those 7 foot tall stacks of whirring, kilowatt-slurping, MTBF-multiplying disks? Yes please, I’ll take half a dozen!

    But speaking of MTBF, I would want a dual redundant accelerator card option. If I understand correctly, the OmniCube is absolutely dependent on its deduplication abilities. An accelerator module failure would presumably be a very unpleasant experience.

    1. Jesse St Laurent
      Jesse St Laurent at |


      The OmniCube Federation is designed to be fully redundant. All data exists on at least two OmniCube systems within the datacenter. This means that all data remains available even if an OmniCube is offline. In the unlikely event of an accelerator failure, all data will continue to be served by other OmniCubes in the datacenter.

      – Jesse

      Full disclosure: I work for SimpliVity

  2. Rurik
    Rurik at |

    This seems to be very similar to Nutanix in design with the exception of the backups part. Do you know if they were in development together or if they share(ed) some of the same personnel?

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