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  1. Lior Kamrat
    Lior Kamrat at |

    Hi Chris,
    The way I see it, the vExpert title is VMware’s way to tell you “I love you too” 🙂
    I hope I get it this year although i’m not here for the title, I just love the community and the filling i’m getting smarter everyday because of the awesome people around!

  2. RTP_NC
    RTP_NC at |

    I think the vExpert program is mis-leading and should be renamed. While it is great that VMware recognizes users that help contribute to the community it does not make them an “Expert” at Vmware products. I work with a “vExpert” and while I find his blog interesting and thoughtful his design and administration skills are questionable.

  3. Keith Townsend
    Keith Townsend at |

    Great post. You should hit me up on the next event in Chicago. I live there and if I’m not traveling I’d love to attend. I’m pretty sure you can get the e-mail address from my post.


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