The Devastating Impacts of Virtual Sprawl

Virtual environments are excellent at providing an elastic, scalable environment for a myriad of workloads to thrive. Unfortunately, it’s often too easy to over-provision resources or leave discarded and unwanted workloads, fostering a constrained environment due to virtual sprawl. However, did you know that this can also negatively impact the performance and growth of your critical workloads?

I’d like to extend a welcome to all of my readers (and your friends!) to pop on over to BrightTALK and register for my upcoming presentation entitled “The Devastating Impacts of Virtual Sprawl And Ways To Mitigate Them” – it kicks off at 3PM CST on Thursday, May 16th. The high level agenda includes:

  • Identify virtual sprawl using advanced technical methods
  • Dig into performance related issues that can be caused by imbalanced or top heavy provisioning
  • Understand how to translate real world sprawl data into a solid business case for change
  • Exercise recommended practices to avoid falling deeper into the virtual sprawl trap

I’ve also embedded the webinar below – hope to see you online!

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