Tech Field Day 9 Is Upon Us!

The iron man of IT events, Tech Field Day#9, is once again rearing its head and challenging both presenters and delegates alike with a brutal gauntlet of an intense, three day information fire hose. This will be my fourth time at such an event, so I hope to draw upon my past training, breathing exercises, and mountainous stash of Red Bull to power through a star studded week in Austin, Texas. Many faces are familiar to me, although some I haven’t seen in a while, with others being rookies to the show.

This particular Field Day event focuses on the entire gamut of data center technologies: storage, network, compute, and virtualization. It features some really neat presenters, including one that has shed its skin from being a “stealth company” a few weeks back: Infinio. The delegate team will also be spending time on site with Dell at their Round Rock campus, along with some other journeys planned.

Awesome Presenters

Here’s a full list of companies who will be presenting:


Additionally, a new staff member has been added to the team – one Tom Hollingsworth. He’s a CCIE and sharp (if not enjoyably snarky) dude who will be put through the paces by Mr. Foskett.

Follow Along!

Tech Field Day 9 is being held Wed, June 19th, through Friday, June 21st. A full presentation calendar is available here.

The entire set of Tech Field Day presentations are broadcast via Interwebs live and also recorded for later viewing. You can tweet to me (@ChrisWahl) and/or use the hashtag #TFD9 during the event. I’ll try to make sure your questions or comments are delivered to the presenters for a response!