Special Guest Interviews at the 2013 Indianapolis VMUG Conference

I had the great fortune to head out to Indianapolis to attend the sixth annual Demo Days conference, which is one of the largest free-to-attend VMware User Group (VMUG) user conference in the world. In addition to listening in on a lot of great sessions (and participating in one with the Bluelock team), I sought out many of the special guests in attendance to have a little chat.

We covered many different topics ranging from a high level plug of their session and presentation, how they will be involved or located at the VMworld 2013 US conference (including any sessions they are speaking at or recommend viewing), to some other fun topics. My editor and better half is working hard on getting the videos all polished up – they will be added to the Wahl Network YouTube channel each day for your viewing pleasure.

Although I may be a bit biased, I think Jen has done a fantastic job on editing the videos. This was a learning experience for both of us, as my only prior experience chatting with folks on camera was from a recent jaunt as the Cisco Live! Roving Reporter. Practice makes perfect, and we’re definitely all ears on any improvements or constructive feedback you have to offer! 

Interviews with Special Guests

The following folks were nice enough to volunteer for some time on the camera to chat with me (and you) on various topics! Here they are, in order of appearance, along with a link to their Twitter handle:

All of the videos are located in the playlist below – you can use the left and right toggle arrows to move between videos, or check out the entire playlist here.