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  1. Shawn Bolan
    Shawn Bolan at |

    Any projected ETA?

  2. Gabi
    Gabi at |


    Really interested in this.

    I did the VCP5-DCV course, but have not done the exam yet. The instructor was brilliant however, the course failed to provide the material that most of us needed. Such a big gap between the VCP5 and VCP5-DCV course.

    This material would really aid, to get a bigger understand, specially for those that don’t work in VMware large data centers.

    Thanks very much in advanced,


    1. a
      a at |

      Gabi, VCP & VCP-DCV is EXACTLY the same cert, the name was changed because there was a need to specify to what part of the VMware stack it belongs. There is no such course for VCP5-DCV or VCP5, there is just the ICM (install configure manage) that applies for that cert (fast track also does).

      Looking foward for this great book Chris!

      1. Gabi
        Gabi at |


        Thanks for your reply.

        You are right, my apologies, long day! Writing a couple of things and copied+pasted wrong thing.

        I meant to say VCAP4-DCD!

        Thanks for rectifying that 🙂



  3. Eric Shanks
    Eric Shanks at |

    Congrats on the Book. I know that you and Steve are two of the brightest when it comes to vSphere and Networking. This is sure to be a great book.
    I’ll need to own this one for my bookshelf.


  4. sketch
    sketch at |

    Wow – 9-months notice? Couldn’t we just get VCP & CCNA certified before March of ’14? granted, the book is needed but wouldn’t there be a better ROI on Time*Cost/Certification and be more immediate.

    Just sayin’ is all… /snark

  5. Jason Boche
    Jason Boche at |

    Congrats guys – I’m looking forward to this one!

  6. Vladan
    Vladan at |

    Looks like another must-have publication is born. Big congratz to both authors. -:).

  7. Alex
    Alex at |

    Please have kindle version as well

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  9. Cloud-Matador (@CloudMatador)

    looking forward for the book

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  12. hashedupit
    hashedupit at |

    Have the book! Its awesome……buy it. You won’t be disappointed, and if you are, well write a better one…….I dare you!!!

  13. James
    James at |
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