Submit Your Ideas for the Ask the Expert VCDXs Panel (VSVC4570)

In roughly two weeks from now, myself and four other VMware Certified Design Experts (VCDX) will be hosting a panel at VMworld where you can ask nearly anything you want. And while I’m sure that Jason Nash would love skeet and trap related questions, we’re obviously a tad more focused on your technical challenges.

With that said, it can be somewhat difficult to get up the courage to stand up in front of 400+ people to ask a question – we get that – so Rick Scherer has established a pretty snazzy Google Doc for you to ask your question in advance. You are still more than welcome to ask them in person, but it’s also nice to know what other burning questions folks have in case there is need of an ice breaker.

If you’ll be at VMworld, make sure to register for session VSVC4570, drink some coconut water to cure your head from the night prior, and head on over at 2PM PST for the panel session. As additional incentive, I will have a select cache of Wahl Network buttons available to those who say hello after the session. What do you have to lose? 🙂