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  1. Preetam
    Preetam at |

    I love VMware for such reasons. They really heard their customers. Three cheers for vCenter SSO. Yeah webclient, please throw it. We make mistakes and we should let it go. Because challenge with webclient is not about speed but it’s slowness in responding to various task/alerts sent to the task console. I always end up checking C# client what happened 🙂

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  3. sajid
    sajid at |

    we love all…but i dont know why the start web client..
    some time i start thinking that it will give result like windows 8 to vmware.

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  6. Andy Davies
    Andy Davies at |

    I’m not sure your statement regarding the demise of the SSO database is correct. The following is taken from the Whats New in vSphere 5.5 document (http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/vsphere/VMware-vSphere-Platform-Whats-New.pdf)

    vCenter Single Sign-On server 5.5, the authentication services of the vSphere management platform, can now
    be configured to connect to its Microsoft SQL Server database without requiring the customary user IDs and
    passwords, as found in previous versions. This enables customers to maintain a higher level of security when
    authenticating with a Microsoft SQL Server environment that also houses the vCenter Single Sign-On server
    database. The only requirement is that the virtual machine used for vCenter Single Sign-On server be joined to a
    Microsoft Active Directory domain. In this configuration, vCenter Single Sign-On server interacts with the
    database using the identity of the machine where it is running.

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  10. jeroen
    jeroen at |

    A Good thing SSO has been re-designed.
    How about SSO HA ?

    Is there still a need for a loadbalancer

    1. Justin King
      Justin King at |

      SSO HA is a term we are trying to move away from with 5.5, you can in-place upgrade a 5.1 SSO HA to 5.5 and remain as is or if you deploy a centralized SSO server as shown above and use a load balancer in active / active post installation but this does require updates to certificates and registration entries to use the load balancer and not the host itself.

      SSO availability should be no different to vCenter and a load balancer does not help here. vSphere HA or vCenter Heartbeat are VMware technologies best for this use case.

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  12. Ondrej
    Ondrej at |

    Hello, I’m just wondering, anybody know, how can I delete old syste-domain accounts ? In vsphere they are still present and no possible way to delete it 🙁 Only vsphere.local accounts are manageable now.

  13. Pranesh
    Pranesh at |

    Hello Chris,
    The full suite of troubleshooting tools mentioned here. Are they available for download?
    Is there any documentation on how and when to use it?


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