Tech Chats at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco

In a long standing Wahl Network tradition (meaning about 1 month so far), I’ve brought the Mobile Studio to VMworld and will be recording brief tech chats with folks in the community and sponsors of the show. To kick things off, I have created a brief introduction video which gives you a little bit of a glimpse at the crazy activity level that has struck the Solutions Exchange. This is where the sponsors (vendors) of the show, along with VMware and the VMUG organization, are available to talk about the various products and solutions that exist in the ecosystem. If you’re at the show, I’d highly advise checking out the neat tech on the floor, as there are many subject matter experts available for a chat on your current technology efforts.

I’ll be posting the Tech Chats to my YouTube channel using a playlist found below. If you want a real-time notification on new videos, keep an eyeball on the @ChrisWahl Twitter handle, or (even better), become a Subscriber to my YouTube channel. I’d also like to extend a big thank you to all of my victims, er, volunteers for Tech Chats! Additionally, make sure to check out my modular deep dive series on vSphere 5.5 Improvements.