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  1. Paul Braren
    Paul Braren at |

    Yes, yes, YES!

  2. mark
    mark at |

    Yes – definitely !!!

    It is really a critical part of today’s fast paced environments to be able to try and keep up with all the latest ‘toys’ and offerings by companies and having the VMTN subscription is a seriously valid option for the IT community. It also allow the IT users the ability to develop ‘tried and true’ products which then translates into further support options, and licensing purchases ( $$$ sales $$$).

    Why wouldn’t you provide such a environment – and why’d you stop this in the past ???

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  5. James Green
    James Green at |

    I absolutely want to see this come to life.

    Besides empowering IT professionals, from my perspective it could also drive sales for VMware. I could better sell my CIO on a product if I had thoroughly vetted it in my lab and knew its ins and outs. My pitch for why he should allocate budget dollars would be served by my ability to test it thoroughly first.

    And we’re ALL tired of reinstalling vCenter 😉

  6. Michael Poore
    Michael Poore at |

    I’ve been following the “bring back VMTN” campaign for a couple of years now (here I am wittering away to Mike back in 2011 about it http://www.vspecialist.co.uk/vmtn-miniwag-with-mike-laverick/) and it’s been a roller-coaster of positive sounds followed by the eerie sound of silence. As such I’m going to retain some skepticism for now even though it sounds good.

    I do wonder though if the backlash against Microsoft and the fate of the Technet subscription could have altered VMware’s thinking with regards to VMTN? I’m not going to spend too long thinking about that though if it brings the desired results.

    1. Paul Braren
      Paul Braren at |

      Yeah, I like your positive way of looking at this Michael, a different twist than my take, when thinking outloud here back on Jul 1 2013:

  7. Richard
    Richard at |

    We can still hope and keep up the requests.

  8. Richard Strong
    Richard Strong at |

    I see the name and title,
    Paul Strong, CTO of Global Field R&D
    come on buddy, for your cousin 🙂

  9. Iwan
    Iwan at |

    On behalf of the 500+ ASEAN user group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/vmware.users/, please bring it back.

    I’m a VMware SE in Singapore serving global banks.

  10. Jackson
    Jackson at |

    I will believe it when I see it. Too much lip service and not enough action.

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  13. Josh
    Josh at |

    I brought this up to the VMUG and VMware Cares group in the Hang Space at VMworld. They appeared to be somewhat coy, however hinted that there was a REALLY good chance this would come back at some point soon.

    I was asked to provide my email address and contact info to them to get into some kind of “beta” program.

  14. Paul Maney
    Paul Maney at |

    Bring back the vSUB! This is money well spent in my book. You see the purpose with which VMware Ed tries to encourage advanced certs, this should be another way of encouraginging that.

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  16. Sean Massey
    Sean Massey at |

    I wonder how this plays into their strategy for vSphere 6. It’s been made clear that the C# client will be going away after 5.5, and that is the only way to manage the free edition. So does this mean that the free edition will be going away as well in vSphere 6 and that VMTN will be the replacement option for most virtualization labs?

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  18. Chris Conlan
    Chris Conlan at |

    I’d be more than willing to pay to be able to play around with the stuff in my home environment. I paid for TechNet for this same reason.

    I’m a huge nerd and I need to be able to play with everything. Also, I use whatever I gain to help me out in the field because I don’t get much time at work to test out certain features with VMware because I’m busy working on other things.

    1. Paul Braren
      Paul Braren at |

      This whole issue of trying to avoid the dreaded 60 day time bomb in the non-production home lab really is a key factor in a lot of folks minds, as far as chosing a hypervisor, especially with ESXi 5.5 pretty much requiring the vCenter appliance. One visitor’s comments at my site last night really sums it up nicely:

  19. Craig
    Craig at |

    Absolutely. VMware has so many products and features now, and at my work we immediately upgrade with ever release. I would to have the ability to easily play around with all of the products at home where I can then better recommend which things my employer should purchase for our environment.

  20. Dave
    Dave at |

    Even a sniff of a chance of this happening is good news.

    VMware have a host of champions out here who will PAY to learn about the latest products, perform product testing/verification, act as presales within their place of work and so on. Products such as Autolab have been such a success because the user appetite is there to run home labs, learn those products and gain the certifications.

    So, c’mon VMware, you regularly say that you value your user community – this is what the user community wants to see.

    Is there an issue here though, in that a small shop could get Ent+ licensing “on the cheap” to run on a couple of hosts? Should this be tied to individual users rather than corporate entities?

  21. Josh (@maeltor)
    Josh (@maeltor) at |

    Bad news guys….just got this from a VMware Community manager after talking to him at VMworld:

    Hello Josh, I just followed up on the VMTN subscription. At this time VMware will not be bringing back the VMTN subscription.

    Thank You,

    Corey Romero

  22. Chris Conlan
    Chris Conlan at |

    I guess I’ll have to keep relying on NFR licenses in order to do testing at my house.

    1. Josh
      Josh at |

      I relayed back to him that the community will by very disappointed by the lack of leadership displayed by VMware here. They have a real bonafide opportunity to cultivate a true and damn near costless evangelist following now with the death of the TechNet subscription. They are choosing not to follow through.

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