Examining the User Experience in the new vSphere 5.5 Web Client

While watching a vBrownBag presentation from Nick Marshall on Virtual SAN (VSAN), a question was raised as to the speed improvements in the vSphere 5.5 Web Client. I’ve been a pretty vocal critic towards the Web Client, especially in the rather rude way that it was shoveled into the vSphere 5.1 release, and have typically tried to avoid using it unless a feature I need is only available in the Web Client. Given the advent of vSphere 5.5 and related Web Client, I decided to give the improvements to speed and overall user experience another look.

In this video, I captured some of the biggest pet peves that exist in the 5.1 Web Client and try to relate them to what has changed in 5.5. I also try to demonstrate some of the speed improvements, which are noticeable, in my lab environment. I’ve yet to see 5.5 in a large production environment for obvious reasons, so the ultimate test is still pending. You can also see a list of top 5 favorite enhancements from VMware’s William Lam.

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