VMware vSphere 5.5 Now Generally Available

For the mass hordes of folks who have been patiently waiting for vSphere 5.5 to become generally available (GA), you’re in luck! The bits for version 5.5 are now visible on the VMware download page and ready for you to put them to work. I suppose a sneaky Sunday release is a great way of giving everyone time to get everything downloaded for the next work day, or some hours to spend in the lab. Make sure to check out all the new 5.5 Configuration Maximums.


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Keep in mind that the initial release of absolutely all software is going to contain some bugs to work out. I would highly advise waiting to put this into production until you’ve had a chance to test it in a pre-production or lab environment first.

While you’re downloading the various ISO and ZIP files (and Duncan Epping has a great list of them), feel free to wander on over to my massive amount of vSphere 5.5 deep dive content. It’s set up in a modular manner to cover most of the exciting new features and improvements found in the latest 5.5 release.

[symple_button color=”blue” url=”https://wahlnetwork.com/category/deep-dives/5-5-vsphere-improvements” title=”vSphere 5.5 Deep Dive” target=”blank” border_radius=””]Visit the vSphere 5.5 Deep Dive[/symple_button]