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  1. Chris Conlan
    Chris Conlan at |

    One thing that sucks is not being able to use the Enterprise Manager to control your Veeam from another machine since it requires the “Enterprise” license. Be nice to be able to access it from any machine.

    I’ve been on a Unitrends kick as of late. Have you ever used their setup? They now allow you to backup VM’s in the free ESXi with their “free” version. Plus, you can backup physical and virtual.

    1. Anton Gostev
      Anton Gostev at |

      Hi Chris, that is not correct. Enterprise Manager does not requires the “Enterprise” license, it is (and has always been) a feature of “Standard” edition.

      Veeam provided backup for free backup for ESXi a few years ago (in 2009), but we had to drop this functionality upon VMware request.

  2. Chris Conlan
    Chris Conlan at |

    Also, how do you normally do your Veeam backups. From what I read, it is best practice to do Active Full’s only once a month.

    Also, I use Reversed Incremental since the usually dump spot for the backups doesn’t do deduplication and when reading what’s listed under Incremental it states “Recommended for backup to tape, remote site and deduplicating storage appliances”. I might switch it because I moved it to a Server 2012 CIFS share and I believe 2012 can do deduplication.

  3. Jason
    Jason at |

    We run VMWare 5.x with back end storage being NFS datastores. We are having issues with the VM’s freezing for too long during the snapshot commit process. I’ve tried leveraging both vStorage API and network backups but VM’s seem to freeze for a long period of time using either method. This is causing issues with web servers loosing connectivity to the backend MS SQL DB.


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