Storage Field Day 4 – More Storage Talk Than You Can Shake a Rake At

Storage, storage, storage. It’s normally impossible to get enough of it, unless we’re talking about Storage Field Day 4 (SFD4), which comes very close to completely satisfying my appetite … at least for one week. Tune into the live webcasts of SFD4 on Tech Field Day‘s website (Nov 13~15) and engage with the team of hand picked, snarky delegates to chew on various storage solutions from a wide variety of vendors. In this fourth installment, we tackle a lot of really cool tech!

[symple_box color=”red” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”]SFD4 Sponsors:

Avere, Cleversafe, CloudByte, Coho Data, Gridstore, Nimble Storage, Overland Storage, Oxygen Cloud, Proximal Data, and Virident

Download the public presentation calendar (or view it online here) and make sure to follow the #SFD4 hashtag on Twitter to join in the conversation (or just tweet a question at me).

What Is Chris Looking Forward To?

magic-unicornThe surprise factor! I tend to sit on two sides of the fence when it comes to Tech Field Day vendors – I either know them well, through past relationships or briefings, or have no idea who they are until the event. This keeps it rather fresh and exciting.

I’ve already spent a fair bit of time chatting with:

Hope to see you on the live webcast or on the Twitters.