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  1. Newsletter: December 28 | Notes from MWhite

    […] it support?  Asked another way, what VAAI primitives does it support?  Background on primitives here.  This is important and you should expect significant integration in this area.  As well, is […]

  2. Newsletter: January 12, 2014 | Notes from MWhite

    […] learning here, a good comparison between block and NAS can be found here, you can also find here some good learning but also how to check your storage to see what it is supporting.  As well, […]

  3. Newsletter: April 5, 2013 | Notes from MWhite

    […] and Unloads Here is a link to an article that talks more on this subject.  Good info.  Here is a link to a different article – one that I use to remind myself how to check what VAAI functionality […]

  4. VMware ESXi 5.5 host doesn’t mount VMFS 5 datastore | vcloudnine.de

    […] But the storage system has support this feature. For more informations about VAAI, I recommend a blog article written by Chris […]

  5. Newsletter: August 10, 2014 | Notes from MWhite

    […] block devices were in fact using VAAI but I have not done the same with NFS.  Here is some good info on block and VAAI, and here is what you need for NFS.  Here is some additional first rate information on […]

  6. Things you should know (TYSK) – VAAI and Licensing | vBrain.info

    […] more information about all the Primitives VAAI is supporting I would recommend this blog post by Chris Wahl and this post by Cormac […]

  7. A Closer Look at VAAI NAS with Synology DSM 5.1 - Wahl Network

    […] the Full File Clone primitive. This is similar to XCOPY for block storage, which I discuss in this block VAAI primitives post. You’re essentially telling the NAS to make a file copy on your host’s behalf, […]

  8. How To Reclaim Unused Disk Space on NFS Storage - Wahl Network

    […] to VAAI? Check out a list of block storage primitives and their meanings […]

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