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  1. Ed Grigson
    Ed Grigson at |

    Any thoughts on the management software Chris? Do you have to manage each component separately or have they written something more unified? That’s where I see a lot of the value.

  2. Michael Platsis (@mplatsis)

    I assume you need Virtual Connect knowledge if you decide to go with this package, right? That is non negligible, for environments that don’t have this expertise in-house.

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  4. Dave Owen (@vmackem)
    Dave Owen (@vmackem) at |

    -my own disclaimer, im a VCE bod, but these are my personal thoughts 🙂

    Hey Chris, hope your well. I dont think we’ve spoke since virtualization fieldday a few years back.

    Nice post, I have a few comments, queries and clarifications 🙂

    You mention HP as the “new kid on the block” but how this is anymore than a fairly modest marketing/component refresh of HPs existing CI VirtualSystem, CloudSystem and AppSystem thats been around for a while now. Maybe im missing something here and happy to be corrected.

    Fully agree with you on the comment you made re the networking being a potential blocker. This is a issue any single vendor CI stack has and why in my opinion will never take more than a small chunk of the market. Also, very few people want to be vendor locked in across all hardware elements.


    Ive had a look at the literature and im struggling with a couple of points. Has HP developed a dedicated manufacturing facility for this? Is it 1 manufacturing effort for global deployment?

    Im also struggling to get a grasp of the lifecycle management elements. A Vblock is maintained with a RCM (Release Compatibility Matrix) which is maintained and updated throughout the life of the Vblock. Does HP do something similar?

    So does HPs new CI just cover Network, Compute and Storage? What about backup, replication, or other ancillary parts of a solution? Does the pre-tested, pre-designed, integrated aspect also include them? i.e. a Vblock can have Vplex, Recoverpoint, Avamar & Datadomain which are all classed as IN the Vblock.

    All the official HP info ive come across state delivery in “starting from 20” days. VCE states “up to” 45 days but the average Vblock is delivered in between 25 and 30. Personally i think comparing the 2 is just a marketing nit picking exercise. Ive been in and around the Vblock since the Acadia days (before it renamed to VCE) and I know how much effort and development have gone into streamlining processes to hit those timelines and its massive challenge. As you state, it will be a huge challenge for HP to deliver in 20 or 30 days every single time.

    hope that all doesn’t sound to much like vendor wars. im not out to have a pop at HP here, but they have left quite a lot of open ended statements and promises that i know customers will call them on anyway.

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