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  1. Brad Clerkin (@bradclerkin)

    Another great site is CodeSchool, which combines a similar interface as CodeAcademy and pairs it with video training and interactive examples. Intro course are free and advanced course cost like 30 dollars.

  2. Alex Mattson
    Alex Mattson at |

    Didn’t you mock me for using Python a few years ago?

  3. Marjorie Webb
    Marjorie Webb at |

    I signed up with Codecademy a year ago with the intent of becoming fluent in HTML. Other commitments got in the way, but I’d recently been thinking about going back.
    Now you’ve motivated me. (If it’s good enough for Chris Wahl, it’s good enough for me.)

  4. Paul Soriano
    Paul Soriano at |

    What a coincidence that I happen to see your blog post today while on Codecademy learning Python during lunch.

    I think Codecademy is a good start for folks that have not programmed in the past. As you pointed out, the format is very friendly and conducive for folks looking to learn the basics. I’ve used the forums numerous times when I got stuck and found that folks are generally helpful and responsive to questions.

    All in all I would recommend Codecademy to anyone looking to get started in programming. And you can’t argue the price – free.

  5. Colin McNamara (@colinmcnamara)

    Thanks for the kind words dude. You have my commitment that I will help you through this process.

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  8. Amit Chaudhary (@studentoncom)

    Yes I agree with you. I just completed the course in Python at Codecademy. What did you do next, Chris?

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